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According to the July 1989 issue of The Cutting Edge, Chris Yambar stated: “I saw there was a need, when we started publishing Manna Underground Press (1981), to be progressive and different. I saw there was a need to present the Gospel in a different style. The 1960's, 1970's Jesus Movement way of doing things was over. The hippy-dippy days were done. You talk about hippies now and kids don't even know what you're talking about (laughter). You can't talk about beatniks because they even pre-date the hippies. God forbid we talk about the yippies (loud laughter!). What's that? Hep cat cool. Kids don't know what a hep cat is. When the 1990's hit who's going to remember what punk really was before it became a fashion trend? That's another mid-1970's title. Things are changing rapidly. You need to be aware of it and prepare for the next 'new thing' before it arrives. If you become the next 'new thing' in the course of your development that's fine because then it's a natural thing. You have to realize and admit when you're dated, too. People aren't doing that and that's why we're following the latest trend and not leading it. No method is so sacred that it can't be abandoned or retired for something newer and better. That's life. There's always a new language to crack and create. That's essentially what MUP was all about. The message was age old but the language was brand new. We tried to breach the gap and break the code of silence with the youth of the 80's.”


The Activist 1981-1988? Last issue: #21
Rebel Graphics 198?-199?