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Heavy Metal
Mango, Florida, USA

Michael Joshua D. Miller was formerly a member of Arsenal:

“Hi this is JD Miller original lead guitarist and founding member of Symitar/Arsenal. Prophecy is the band I formed with Eddy Mandalay after Arsenals record label with Regency went out of business. Prophecy played from 1992 to 1997. Prophecy went through several band members. Michael was our 1st vox. Michael had some pipes. Rory was our next vox w/ some pipes too. Todd Newland & Eddy Mandalay were our two drummers. Julio was the bass player and I played lead guitar. We were 1 of 2 bands to be signed by Word/Benson Records. Benson brought us to Nashville to do some recording… to be considered for their label. We met a lot of well know bands and producers, unfortunately Benson decided not to sign us because heavy rock was fading out and pop rock was coming in. But to just have the opportunity to record in Nashville was great. Prophecy played the FL arena and was very well known. Our music was played on all the rock radio station and we opened up for very well known bands in FL. In 1997 Prophecy decide it was time to call it a night.”


199? Demo
1997 Real Life


199? Independent

Michael Poland - Lead vocals
J.D. Miller - Guitars, vocals
Julio Guash - Guitar, vocals
Dave Tette - Bass
Todd Newland - Drums

  1. Without a Prayer
  2. You Ain't Burning

Real Life

1997 Independent

Michael Poland - Vocals
Rory Rodriguez - Vocals
JD Miller - Guitar, Vocals
Julio Guash - Guitar
Diz Valdez - Bass
Eddy Page - Drums
Eddy Mandaley - Drums
Todd Newland - Drums

  1. Tears are Falling
  2. Always There for You
  3. Pictures of the Past
  4. Why
  5. Which Way
  6. Writing on the Wall
  7. Backslide
  8. Worthy of Your Crown
  9. Without a Prayer