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Radicals for Christ

West Covina, California, USA

Radicals for Christ was a ministry/organization founded in 1984 by David “Burrito” Villalpando, Mike Durkin, and Gary Sterling. They were based out of Calvary Chapel West Covina. The first publication of the Radicals for Christ magazine came out in 1985 or 1986. The last newsletter was published in 1988, and it went out to 2000 readers.

At the beginning of the group, they were approached by Sanctuary Church to become one organization. Burrito, Mike, and Greg even had meetings with Bob Beeman and Steve Valdez of Sanctuary Church to discuss the merger. However, the two groups ended up having differences of theology and the merger did not happen. Relationships between the two groups deteriorated as Radicals for Christ accused Sanctuary Church of being a cult that was trying to be a denomination, and Sanctuary Church denying all of this.


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