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Folk-Tinged Rock and Roll
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

“Rainchildren was a progressive folk band that performed mainly in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Although they had a large and active local fan base, the band broke up in October 1998.

Rainchildren's music was mainly acoustic rock, with two guitarists (Marty Shaughnessy & Steve Bridgeman), a bass player (Dennis Durasoff), drummer (Kevin Russo) and a percussionist (Aaron Gagne). The lyrics combined a simple faith in God with an acknowledgement of the pain and questioning all of us face trying to find him.

The band produced two demo tapes and three CDs. As often happens, two of the members (Shaughnessy & Bridgeman) have produced solo projects after the breakup.”


“Rainchildren was based in Central Pennsylvania, but toured extensively in the region and nationwide. The combination of Marty Shaughnessy on vocals/guitars, Steve Bridgeman on guitar, Dennis Durasoff on bass, Kevin Russo on drums, and Aaron Gagne on percussion created a distinctive sound that fused thoughtful lyrics with eclectic music. Drawing from pop, jazz, world, and rock influences, Rainchildren separated themselves from the trends and quickly gathered a strong fanbase of people who appreciate good music.

Before breaking up in 1998, Rainchildren released 5 recordings. Feels Like Summer is the only one still in print.”


“A strange history (Part 1) or “How I came to know the Jawbone Hill fellows, how (The) Rainchildren started, and how I never realized that I played bass so much.”

A long time ago, I played bass in a band called The Somethings with my good buddy Dave Seyfried. It was a college band and we didn’t play out much, but Dave was all about networking anywhere he went. One night, we were in line to see a band call The Violet Burning, and Dave sparked up a conversation with a couple guys from the Lancaster area. After some small talk, we learned they were in a band too. I don’t remember exactly who was there, but it was a couple of the Jawbone Hill guys. Dave exchanged numbers and at some point we ended up sharing a stage with them.

(Skipping ahead…) Jawbone Hill records their first CD Sackcloth and Sunshine with Mr. Bill Campbell (of The Throes fame) in his studio. It sounds great and is an instant local hit. Around this time, I am playing bass for a fellow named Chad Christ. He decides to also record with Bill, so we pack up our gear and head down for a weekend to track some tunes. Over the next couple days, Bill and I hit it off and tell him that I have a couple songs of my own, but no band. He encourages me to come down for a weekend and track a few of those songs.

(A few months later…) I grab Dennis Durasoff and Faith Ecenroad and head down for a long weekend of tracking. Den is one of those musicians who can play almost any instrument well. So I have him play drums, and some bass, guitar, and keyboards. Bill’s production skills elevate the project to the next level and the intention of recording 3-4 songs somehow becomes 9. Our Little Demo is born and I use the band name “The Rainchildren” since I don’t want it to be a solo project.

(Sometime later…) I get a call from Bill asking me to go out on a 6 week tour to fill in for his bass player. I sell some things to buy a new bass and a week later I am out on the road with The Throes, Common Children, and The Choir. Wayne Everett (The Prayer Chain) plays drums and rounds out this “power trio” and I get my first experience of traveling in a tour bus. To make a few extra bucks on top of my per diem, I end up being Steve Hindalong’s drum tech.

In 1997, Rainchildren recorded a live album at The Mill Coffeehouse in Lititz, PA. We were preparing for a summer tour - with our friends Jawbone Hill - and there wasn't time to record a proper studio album, so we set up our gear in a familiar venue and played our songs. We called the project Feels Like Summer and it captured that point in our lives. That studio album never did happen, but we continued to make music, friends, and memories.”

Marty Shaughnessy

Marty Shaughnessy: Guitars / Lead Vocals
Steve Bridgeman: Lead Guitar / Background Vocals
Dennis Durasoff: Bass / Background Vocals
Kevin Russo: Drums
Aaron Gagne: Percussion / Background Vocals


1994 Our Little Demo
1995 The Other One
1997 Feels Like Summer
1998 Limited Edition
2000 Somewhere Middle

Our Little Demo

1994 Independent

The Other One

1995 Independent

Feels Like Summer

1997 Independent

Dennis Durasoff - Vocals
Marty Shaughnessy - Guitar, vocals
Steve Bridgeman - Guitar, vocals
Dennis Durasoff - Bass
Kevin Russo - Drums
Aaron Gagne - Percussion

Produced by Rainchildren
Tracks 8 & 9 produced by Steve Hindalong

  1. Stories in the Rain (3:35)
  2. Thanks, I'm Alright (3:14)
  3. Sara (3:55)
  4. Father From You (4:08)
  5. Find the Humjam (2:49)
  6. Change (4:48)
  7. Feeling September (3:17)
  8. Evergreen (2:44)
  9. Two Dollar Dance (4:26)
  10. Forward (3:50)
  11. Papers and Boxes (3:53)

Limited Edition

1998 Independent

Limited Edition combines songs from Our Little Demo and The Other One' as well as a handful of unreleased tracks. Fan favorites like 'Song to Myself' and 'Everything' are naturally paired to some of the early and live tracks found on this project.” (from

  1. Where I Should Be (3:44)
  2. Something Pure (4:57)
  3. I Can Still Remember (5:58)
  4. Gardener (5:37)
  5. Trust Again (3:26)
  6. Flower (4:48)
  7. Like a Child (3:28)
  8. Take Me Back (3:59)
  9. Mona Lisa (4:09)
  10. Change (4:56)
  11. Goodbye (3:40)
  12. Everything (4:02)
  13. Song to Myself (3:54)
  14. Sons & Bridges (2:35)
  15. Lower Than the Trees (5:29)
  16. Diner (6:35)

Somewhere Middle

2000 Independent

  1. Crazy (3:12)
  2. Feeling September (3:51)
  3. 'Til We're Grey (3:44)
  4. For Melicia (2:16)
  5. Country Song (2:22)
  6. The Place (3:45)
  7. El Chupa Cabra (2:49)
  8. Sara (4:15)
  9. Yesterday (3:58)
  10. Broken (2:52)
  11. Curious Sun (7:46)