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Sarah Shannon

Alternative Rock


2001 Sarah Shannon Casa Recording Co.

Sarah Shannon

2001 Casa Recording Co.

Probably not a “Christian” release per se, but included because of who worked on the album: “Digging this 2001 release by Sarah Shannon. Recorded by Blake Wescott (Bloomsday, Pedro the Lion, etc) partially at The Green Room and features Frank Lenz (Lassie Foundation, Fold Zandura, etc) Matt Fronke (Starfyler 59, Lassie Foundation, Richard Swift, Crystal Lewis, etc), Rosie Thomas (Velour 100, solo), Joe Skyward (Sunny Day Real Estate) and even Casey Foubert (Pedro The Lion / David Bazan, Sufjan Stevens, etc). Some big names….”

  1. Down
  2. I'll Run Away
  3. Call You on the Telephone
  4. Anyone
  5. What's Mine
  6. Looked to the Sky
  7. When You Live Life Alone
  8. Heaven Got Wider
  9. Are You Far Enough
  10. Can't You See