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Silent Force

Hard Rock
Minnesota, USA

The notes from the CD re-issue stated that the band formed in 1982 and played some Christian coffee houses in Minnesota. They recorded their album in 1982, but never released it. the band was together for a few years, but they went different directions. In 2021, they remastered the songs they had recorded as best they could and released them on CD with some live bonus tracks from 1982.


1982 Existence
2021 Existence (CD re-issue)


1982 Independent

  1. Rescued Heart
  2. Angel Choir
  3. He Surely Doesn't Hide
  4. Life the Hard Way
  5. Unsatisfied
  6. Can You See
  7. Take Me Seriously
  8. Flesh Games
  9. Tell Yourself the Truth
  10. Crumbling Island
  11. He Wasn't Wrong
CD Bonus Tracks Live From Rochester, MN
  1. Forbidden Fruit
  2. 40 (U2 cover)
  3. Freebird Jam
  4. I Love You #19 (Daniel Amos cover)
  5. Beverly Hillbillies and Hee Haw (theme song parodies)
  6. The Great American Cure
  7. Tell Yourself the Truth
  8. Crumbling Island