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Ted Goodwin

Alternative / Experimental / Electronic
Orlando, Florida, USA


What's Wrong With This Picture?

1989 Independent

Ted Goodwin - Vocals, synthesizer, drum box, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, personal computer, whistle, kazoo, well-drilling machine

  1. Make It Look Like an Accident
  2. Rainbow's End
  3. Where are the Children
  4. Back on the Track
  5. New Improved
  6. Did I Come at a Bad Time?
  7. Hell on Earth
  8. Over the Loudspeaker
  9. It's No Wonder We're All Confused
  10. I Don't Want to Know
  11. No Sanity Allowed
  12. It's All for the Money
  13. Different Eyes
  14. The Cure

Intuitively Obvious

1991 Independent

Ted Goodwin – Synthesizer, drum machine, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, miscellaneous voicings, various mangling and manipulations of tape, assorted heavy machinery

  1. The Age of Reason (Part 1)
  2. Intuitively Obvious
  3. Destructive Tendencies
  4. Heart Over Mind
  5. Almost Clear
  6. Just the Facts, Ma'am
  7. Believing
  8. I am Joe's Brain
  9. Multiple Choice (Option A)
  10. Multiple Choice (Option B)
  11. Artificial Intelligence
  12. Imprisoned Spirit
  13. Return to Reality
  14. Unspoken Words
  15. It's All There for You
  16. Hidden Truth (IAJB Reprise)
  17. The Grand Assumption
  18. The Age of Reason (Part 2)