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The Furnace Room

Name: The Furnace Room
Founded: 1987?
Founder: Steven Mathewson
Location: East Canton, Ohio, USA

The Furnace Room was started and run by Steven Mathewson (aka A Red Cup of Tea), member of 35 Little Ducks in a Basket and co-editor of The Rain magazine. Mathewson's band practiced in the furnace room of their parents' basement, thus the name of the label. Chris Yambar was also involved with art, promotion, and various other ways. John Mathewson and Kris Barnette (aka K.Kjell of The Nonconformist zine) were also involved, with IDY helping out with tape duplication. At some point, Marc Plainguet's Corpqii Productions took over most of the label's catalog.



Spike Alive and Ticking 1989
35 Little Ducks in a Basket This Is (Is Not) the Tape 198?
Jason Underground Under an Extra Tent 1989
Ozmathoq Dance of the Cobra 1989
Randy Dyer's Diamond Child Created Image 1989
Spike Save the Children 1989
35 Little Ducks in a Basket Monastery 1989
Chris Yambar Weird Outtakes Volume One 1989
IDY Richard A Gulling 1989
IDY No I Don't Have Any 1991