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The Greg Eccles Project

Rock/Hard Rock

The Greg Eccles Project recorded several songs with Duane M. Evarts and Harpazo! Ministries in the “State of the Heart” studios. There were also many other songs recorded elsewhere. The line-up seemed to change between recording sessions. It is unknown if these songs were released as a specific albums or demos or not.

Recorded at State-of-the-Heart Studios with Duane Evarts

  • You Better Be Ready
  • You Must Be Born Again
  • Think About it!
  • Give a Little
  • Get Ready
  • Born Again
  • Forest Knolls
  • Jehovah Loves You

Greg Eccles - Guitar, vocals
Rocky Hudson - keyboards, guitar
Cecil McBee - bass
Steve - Drums
Stacey Thompson - bass
Chris (Krizan) McDonal - drums
Jean Crabtree - background vocals

Recorded at Greg Leakes Studio

  • Miracles
  • Yes He Loves You
  • Whosoever Shall Believe
  • Father of Lights
  • Proverbs 4

Greg Eccles - Guitar, vocals
Stacy Thompson - bass
Chris (Krizan) McDonal - drums

Recorded at Belle Street in San Bernardino

  • We Won't Surrender

Greg Eccles - Guitar, vocals
Rocky Hudson - bass, keyboards