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Those Sweet Cedro Wooley Days

Casa Compilation # 1

Year: 1995
Label: Casa Recordings

“This compilation was Specifically made for all you summer-kids. There are too many neat people on this tape to go into detail about it, but to everyone who had some-thing to do with this: I love you These recordings were done on miscellaneous boom boxes and our 4-track. They were mostly all recorded in May and June of 1995.

Casa Record Co. 1995”

Track Listing

  1. Sparkle - My Nightingale
  2. Breeding Lilacs - Tooth Ache
  3. Breeding Lilacs - Circle 3
  4. Lab Rats - Running Thru Time
  5. Eben Haase - Vague One Night
  6. David Bazan - Almost There
  7. David Bazan - Blind
  8. Jeremy Enigk - At the Carnival With You
  9. Jeremy Enigk - Call Me Steam
  10. Jeremy Enigk - Asleep Under Last Weeks News
  11. Cool Teen Sister - Cool Teen Sister
  12. Melody