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Heavy Metal
Anneberg, Sweden

“TRINITY was founded in summer 1988 by the former Creed members Fredrik Björk, Jörgen Björk, Patrik Mörn & Pierre Fogelström together with singer Christian Lilijegren (Borderline, Narnia, Creed, Modest Attraction, Golden Resurrection, Venture, Christian Rivel, Audiovision, Divinefire, Flagship). In October of the same year the first demo Soldiers of Freedom was recorded. The song of the same name went straight to Radio Jönköping County top rating. It remained on the list for 27 weeks which is the longest any artist succeeded.

Shortly after the demo was completed Christian left the band. After hearing Peter “Pitte” Åsberg singing in the Aneby youth choir he was offered the seat as a singer. With “Pitte” on vocals began strenuous rehearsals aimed at live shows. The first gig was opening for Charizma in Östanå aula Lucia in 1988 . After that it went on with gigs in different settings before the first demo with “Pitte” on vocals was completed in spring '89. It included classics suchs as “Bound” & “Close to the Edge”. Then it continued with many gigs.

A highlight of 1989 was the band's first “Pop I Sommarnatt” in Nässjö. It came over 1200 people and it was the first time in “Pop I Sommarnatt's” history that the audience stood before the scene and “headbanged.” The next demo was recorded in the summer of 1990 and contains some of Trinity's best songs in the form of “End Of The Tunnel” & “No More Tears.”

Trinity went on many gigs, including a northern tour in the summer of 1992. That same year, Fredrik decided to move to Los Angeles and go music school at MI (Musicians Institute). The members of the band agreed to part ways, given that Fredrik was the musical engine of the band. It was decided that the last show would be at the “Pop I Sommarnatt” on August 22, 1992. Trinity finished with flags flying. The ten year old public-record was broken when 1400 found their way to the People's Park in Nässjö, a record that still stands today. The band also made one of their best performances. Trinity reformed in 2013.”

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1988 Soldiers of Freedom
1989 New Dawn
19?? (third demo)
19?? Demo #4

Soldiers of Freedom

1988 Independent

Christian Liljegren - Vocals
Fredrik Björk - Guitars
Pierre Andersson - Keyboards
Patrik Carlsson - Bass
Jörgen Björk - Drums

  1. Soldiers of Freedom
  2. Children of the Light
  3. Far Way From You

New Dawn

1989 Independent

Peter Anderson – Vocals
Fredrik Björk – Guitars
Patrik Carlsson – Bass
Pierre Andersson – Keyboards, backing vocals
Jörgen Björk – Drums

  1. One Who Cares
  2. A New Dawn
  3. Bound
  4. Close to the Edge

Demo #4

19?? Independent

  1. Free as the Wind
  2. Soldiers of Freedom
  3. One Night