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Vertical Take Off Music

Name: Vertical Take Off Music
Founded: 1989
Founder: Mark Eastman
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Music label founded by Mark Eastman, music buyer for Long's Christian Music, with help and advice from his friends Dan Kennedy of The Cutting Edge magazine and Michael Delaney, music buyer for Spring Arbor Distributors (at that time, later of Rad Rockers). VTO also offered other services, such as handling advertising, art work / design of cassette covers, direct mailings, and placement with underground papers for reviews.



The Lead Return Fire (re-issue)
The Lead Automoloch \ The Lead (re-issue)
VTO2003 King James and the Concordances The Authorized Version
VTO2004 King James and the Concordances I Do
Randy Matthews Plugged In (re-issue)