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Where's Enoch?

Alternative Rock
Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland

Ritchie Miller used to front Infra Penny, the predecessor to The Electrics.


19?? Under a Bright Red Duvet
1989 Rain in Its Season
1991 Somethin's Burnin'

Under a Bright Red Duvet

19?? Independent

Rain in Its Season

1989 Independent

Somethin's Burnin'

1991 Independent

Ritchie Miller - Lead vocals, blues harp, acoustic guitar
Matthew Gracie - Guitars, midi guitars, vocals
Colin McIntyre - Bass, acoustic, guitar, vocals
George Law - Drums
Huge Rooney - Percussion

  1. Bone of My Bone
  2. Hear My Prayer
  3. No Stoppin' It Now
  4. Beautiful Thang
  5. Redemption Song
  6. Son of Your Love
  7. Hideaway
  8. Lift Him Up
  9. The More You Save
  10. Where You Lead
  11. Hope
  12. Be There
  13. Could I Tell It