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Worthless Records

Name: Worthless Records
Founded: 1986
Founder: Ted Worthless
Country: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“Indie/Underground Christian Music Label based out of Phoenix, AZ. Intelligent, thought provoking, spiritually significant music. Active in the '80's, 90's, & early 2000's”



No Laughing Matter It Bites K-mart Shoppers 1986
WR-010 Ted Worthless So, You're Skeptical? (#1) 1986
WR-020 Active Faith Life in the Modern World 1987
WR-026 No Laughing Matter Live Bootleg Skate Benefit 1987
WR-030 No Laughing Matter Volume 1/2 1987
WR-035 Ted Worthless Serpents and Bones (#2) 1988
WR-040 Death Denied Volume 1 (Bleck!) 1988
WR-050 No Laughing Matter Underground:Brains for the Stupid 1987
WR-060 No Laughing Matter Volume 1 - Discernment 1987
WR-070 Ted Worthless A Time for Fear (#3) 1988
WR-??? Ted Worthless Pieces of Other Peoples Lives (#4) 1988
WR-??? No Laughing Matter 3 Song Demo 1989
WR-??? Ted Worthless Voice of Anger (#5) 1989
WR-090 Scott Roman Carved In Grey Matter 1989
WR-120 No Laughing Matter Monstor 1989
WR-??? 120db Good Morning World 1989
WR-130 Scott Roman Growing Pains 1990
WR-??? Parsley Things Best Left Unsaid 1990
WR-7001 No Laughing Matter 120db 1996
WRD-7003 Ryan Brown Life and Times of Jesus the Christ 1997
WRD-7006 Mint The Moon and Galileo 1997
WR-??? Skinflowers Wither and Fade 1997?
WR-??? Wish Reflections From the Edge of the Earth 199?
WR-1666 No Laughing Matter In God We Rust 1998
WRD-7010 Various Artists The Rage Volume 1 1998
WRD-7011 Various Artists The Rage Volume 2 1999
WRD-7012 Free Sample And in The Other Corner 2000
WRD-7013 Michelangelo Acoustic EP 2000
WRD-7015 Various Artists The Rage Volume 3 2000
WRD-7016 Ryan Brown Here 2002
WR-??? Gehenna Tattoo Songs of the Weak 2002
WR-??? Gehenna Tattoo The Sky Harbor Sessions
WR-RI001 Scott Roman Waiting for Things to Break Down 2009
WR-RI002 Scott Roman Carved in Grey Matter (re-issue) 2009
WR-RI003 Scott Roman Growing Pains (re-issue) 2009
WR-RI004 No Laughing Matter Discernment (re-issue) 2009
WR-RI005 No Laughing Matter Brains for the Stupid (re-issue) 2009
WR-??? The Matta Daddies Big Fun 2009
WR-??? Gehenna Tattoo Songs of the Weak (re-issue) 2009