City of God by Chris Freeman

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city-of-godCHRIS FREEMAN

2007 Independent
Review by: Matt Crosslin

Yes, Chris was the guitarist for G.S. Megaphone.  That might be cool with you, but there are some that grew really tired of the whole nu-metal/Creed clone/pseudo-grunge sound that GSM and a hundred other bands cranked out in late 90s.  The interesting thing about GSM was their second album – where did that noticeable Eastern influence come from?  That was different.

That cool influence came from Chris Freeman learning how to play the sitar and becoming interested in world music.  When GSM was over, Chris decided to take what he knew best (guitar), and mix it with something new (sitar).  The result was some of the crunchiest world fusion music albums this side of Rudra.

The one thing I really liked about Nu-metal (or probably the only thing) was the heavy guitars.  I love heavy guitars.  Chris brings the crunch to his solo music, minus the trappings of trend following.  World music abounds on his latest album – City of God – with as many sitar solos as guitar solos.  Of course, not all is crunch and shred.  There are also some nice reflective acoustic songs as well as nice mid paced songs like one of my favorites “Psalm 91 (My New War).”

Chris has also been exploring monasticism lately, and this is reflected in some song titles and the overall mood of the album.  This is instrumental music, so there are no lyrics to tell you what he has found on his explorations.  However, the songs themselves speak volumes if you listen.

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