Destroy Nate Allen – With Our Powers Combined

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The crazy coolness that is Destroy Nate Allen returns with the Gnarboots serving as their backing band. Backing band you say? Have they gone corporate pop? Not at all! Folk punk is still the basis for Destroy Nate Allen’s sound here… but the added instruments take that sound in many unexpected directions. One minute you have the acoustic ballad-esque “Long Weekend Blues” and the next you are bouncing off the walls with the full on ska sounds of “Distracted Nate-O-Bot”. The fun and energy you have come to expect from a Destroy Nate Allen album is now at a whole new level. Lyrically, Nate and Tessa mix humor with serious thoughts on everything from “Vegetables” to “Boobie Bars.” Yeah – you write a song called “Boobie Bar” and you pretty much guarantee that CCM radio will not touch it. Which is too bad, because the lyrics ring with more truth than most “Jesus is my boyfriend” songs out there. If you like quirky, energetic folk/punk/ska, then keep an eye out for the June 5th release of this album.

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