Scott Silletta – The Life And Times Of…

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This is one of those great timeless records that’s good from beginning to end. “Break In Rhyme” opens the Kickstarter funded album with a very reflective piece, echoing the line “So it goes, what we have could be gone in the blink of an eye” – something we can all relate to. “I Can’t Wait” rolls in next. With it’s building uplifting rhythms it took me back a bit to the classic Commonwealth album from Scott’s earlier band Plankeye, but with a more modern sound. Throughout this album you hear the singer/songwriter that Silletta has had in him all these years coming to fruition. The Life And Times Of… has a very relaxed vibe, with great vocal harmonies, layered chiming guitars, and country-esq shuffle beats. “Closer To This Moment” is my favorite on this release, a great tune about reconnecting and hope all wrapped up in a cool Americana/Indie Rock feel. “Do You Believe Believers?” is the rocker on the album, again showing shades of a modern Plankeye. Beautiful songs are all over the record from “All Because Of You”, an ode to the joys of fatherhood, to “It Shows That I Am Weak”, and the closer “This Life’s Worth Livin’ “, a humbling spiritual. “This life’s worth livin’, so get with the givin’ ” Amen Scott, Amen.

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