Secret Archives of the Vatican – Storytellers

StorytellersElectronic world music outfit Secret Archives of Vatican returns with another new release of sonic goodness for the masses. I can’t count the number of albums they have put out (mainly because there are so many, but also because I can’t find an accurate discography anywhere) – but they never seem to slack off or have a bad year. Storytellers pretty much provides all of the surprises and textures you have come to love from SAotV. For those not familiar with their sounds, think electronic music built on various cultural rhythms and structures utilizing real instruments and electronic ones seamlessly and that is a good start. Instrumental, groovy in places, introspective in others – you will always find something to dig into. Middle Eastern tones still dominate this album as the last, but you will find tones from Central Asia to Turkey to North Africa mixed in with a few other various influences (some that even touch on Baroque). Available as a pay what you like album on BandCamp – be sure not to diversify your music collection by checking this one out.

[2014 Independent | Purchase:]

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