The Lonely Revolts – Remnant

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The Lonely Revolts release Remnant is one of the best releases by Thumper Punk records so far. Labeled as working man’s punk rock, this is high energy, graveled throat vocals, pounding drums, booming bass lines and riffs a plenty! When I first popped it in I immediately thought Spike Nard from Crashdog had formed another band, but that was pretty cool because Crashdog is a staple of mine and was an amazing act. These guys are definitely in the same vein – they site Motorhead and Crashdog among their influences and it is easy to see why. They also remind me of early Rancid albums like Let’s Go and Out Come the Wolves. The lyrics are mainly about Jesus, but they don’t come off clichéd like so many other acts. These guys are also all about the social and economic temperature of the times, just like good ‘ole punk should be! With only two tracks barely cresting 3 minutes, this is old school mentality of fast, loud and quick. Love these dudes and look forward to what they are bringing to the scene.

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