The Sound And The Fury by The Alarm

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This latest release from Mike Peters and Co. features rerecorded versions of “Unbreak The Promise” (an out take from Declaration, the original was released on the remastered expanded edition of the album), “Howling Wind” (Declaration), “Only The Thunder” (Strength), “Shelter” (Eye Of The Hurricane), “The Rock” and “How The Mighty Fall” (Change), “For Freedom” (83 Alarm EP), “Fade In Fade Out Fade Away” (Coloursound), “Who’s Gonna Make Peace” (Mike Peters – Breathe), and “Back Into The System” (Mike Peters and the Poets). “Strength To Strength” and “Peace Agreement” were the only two tracks on this I had not heard of before. Really great versions of all the songs here, outstanding! Peters never releases crap, always top notch! The Alarm is one of those extra important bands like The Clash and U2 – and in a way they’re a combo of the two. I also recommend their past 3 releases Under Attack, Guerrilla Tactics, and Direct Action. Peters has kept it more rockin’ than ever, and the new stuff defiantly holds up.

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