TV Baby by Upside Down Room

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Upside Down Room’s long out of print ep is back. I missed this the first time around and it has been virtually impossible to find up until now.  The new version has been re-mastered with two bonus tracks added along with updated artwork.  I’m not sure where the bonus tracks are from, but they sound like they could have been recorded in the same session. Upside Down Room always stuck with their biker punk sound as a core, but each release saw them grow and stretch a bit.  A great album that I am glad to see back.

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  1. Phil Vecchio

    I saw you mention here, and on another review, that you wanted to know where the bonus tracks for re-issues came from so you could put them in some context. So here’s the story behind the two bonus tracks here:

    – “4th Street” was recorded a few years ago along with demos of some of the other songs that eventually made it onto “Let’s Go For a Ride.” Since it was never re-recorded for the new EP, we added the demo version as a bonus track here.

    -“Dragstrip” was recorded a little earlier, a couple of years after after the original release of “TV Baby.” It was released exclusively on a now-long-out-of-print compilation. Since few people ever heard it on the comp, we thought it would be a nice addition to our re-release.

    Thanks again for the reviews!

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