Wales Road – Radio Scripture

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radio-scriptureWales Road returns with an album of updated classic hymns. But don’t think they have wimped out at all – the style here is still the Wales Road signature blend of hard rock, blues, and new wave influences. Since I didn’t grow up in church, it wasn’t that hard for me to separate most of these songs from the original versions, but your mileage may vary depending on attachments to older arrangements. For instance, I didn’t quite connect with the acoustic/Americana rendition of “Amazing Grace”, but really liked “Christ The Solid Rock” – probably based on more on personal attachment (or lack thereof) to the songs. The first “half” of the album is mostly electrified, while the second “half” is mostly acoustic. There is also a cool radio interview tacked on the end. For fans of re-imagined classic hymns projects, or of the Wales Road mix of sounds, this album is a great new addition to your collection.

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