XV by King’s X (review 2)

Obviously we are reviewing the last King’s X record a couple of years after it came out, but it is still the most recent addition so I hope that is okay. This latest King’s X could have been a release full of singles in my opinion. Every track on this record was a stand out, sing-along good time! From the opening chords of “Pray,” to the last hammered out sing along strains of “Go Tell Somebody,” this record is a return to form of earlier King’s X in my opinion. These guys have been hammering it out for 30 years, and as musicians progress and change, obviously the music does as well. King’s X have always been stand-out at progressive metal with Beatlesque harmonies, and this record has that in spades. This is the kind of music that sticks in your head for days. Thirty years in and these guys continue to get better, it is odd that they haven’t seen more commercial success, especially since so many other acts cite them as an influence. If you missed this gem, get it today! There are also a couple of bonus tracks on the iTunes download 🙂

[2008 InsideOut Music | Purchase: Amazon.com]

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