Letters to Us September 2013

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Eternal Email Angst

Bought it (Veil of Ashes’ Eternal Teenage Angst), downloaded it, listened to it, loved it, told my friends to check it out-what more do you want from me? 🙂

Kevin Noel Olson

(a million dollars would be good, or how about some M&Ms? I’m feeling a severe lack of energy right now)

Bootleg Love

I LOVE the “sanctioned” bootlegs! What a Daniel Amos fan goldmine! Thank you (Daniel Amos) for putting this together — I have downloaded 3 so far – plan to download them all eventually.

Steven Ashlock

(wish more bands would use BandCamp like this. Also for fan club releases, unreleased songs, long lost albums, etc)

Buy Now The Dude Said

Daniel Amos’ Dig Here The Angel Said is definitely worth picking up. I have had my digital download for a couple of weeks now, and it is still being played constantly. The words ‘instant classic’ and ‘top release of 2013’ spring to mind, but do not adequately describe this masterpiece from DA.

Rob Hire

(I think all of the feedback on this one is the same – everyone loves and thinks it is one of their top albums. Just wish they could put out music more frequently, Not that we are ones to point fingers at people that have huge delays between releases….)

Slide Into The New Sound

Dime Store Zombies are becoming more and more interesting. I like where they are going with their sound.

Joe Canal

(Just got the new CD for review and it is incredible! Also look for a new interview with the Zombies in our next issue.)

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