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Kevin, you also need to be real yourself. Look at the year “Queen for a Day” came out: 1992. I was around the CCM scene for this controversy. In 1992, there were much larger controversies out there than singing about a gay musician. There were also other songs praising non-Christians. Even some mainstream CCM media sources thought the controversy over this song was inappropriate. So, no, Sean was not looking for controversy. There are dozens of documented cases of Christian controversies over songs there shouldn’t have been from this time period. All of them were genuinely shocked.

This is obviously you grinding an axe to grind with Sean – probably one that started elsewhere. This is not a place for that, especially if you want to use the language of bullies like “justify threat narrative” or “not accepting you the way you like.” The Church in general has been hateful bullies to those that are LGBTQ, going way beyond simple theological disagreements. This is not place for that, so please take it else where.