Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil. New Album. Really.

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“Twenty years after Steve Taylor’s last studio album, he’s taking a sabbatical from filmmaking to record all new music with a new band.

Dear Backers-In-Waiting,

Why should I tempt fate and do another Kickstarter project when the last one (“Save Blue Like Jazz”) was so wildly successful it can never be repeated?

Because before I became your 11th favorite filmmaker I was your 8th favorite recording artist, and I know you’ve missed me making music because you wrote and told me on Facebook and why would you lie?

And while it’s true most recording artists get worse as they get older —usually much worse — isn’t it at least statistically possible I may have gotten better?” Read more at the official Kickstarter page. Be sure to catch the hilarious promo video. BTW, I hear the custom painted Jimmy Abegg bass guitar makes a nice gift for your favorite free online zine editors….