Half Bomber Joins the Veritas Vinyl Family

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Half Bomber started in 1995…sort of.

Travis Turner and the twin powers of Alan & Leon Wasielewski grew up a half mile from each other, but didn’t meet until they were around twenty years old. They’ve been discussing playing together since.

After spending the next twenty years in and out of bands, both with and without each other, they’ve finally arrived here at Half Bomber.

“Alan and Leon have a musical kinship like no other I’ve ever worked with”, said Trav (drummer) during a recent interview for a local music blog from their hometown of Bethlehem, PA. “Since they are twin brothers, they know each others moves. They think for each other. Carry each others tensions, pain, joy. I’m just along for the ride as they create these amazing little punk rock experiences.”

Finally officially forming in late 2014, they’ve been working out what has been come to be known as their signature sound, but it’s been two decades in the making. Prefering overdriven to distorted guitars, distorted to clean bass and a crooked approach to math-rock style drums they’ve landed on a certain “melodic quirkiness.” Alan (guitar/vocals) says “I’m one guitarist in a three-piece band. If it’s called for for the song, it’s in there. If it’s not, it’s gone”…showing the no-nonsense side to their driving rock structure. Kyle Campbell (Philadelphia area artist) says that “they look and sound like they are playing the exact style of music that they want to be playing.”

“Our goal with ‘prink’ is to make this the first of many EP style recordings. Short schedules. Bursts of creativity…lightning caught in the bottle, so to speak,” says Leon (bassist/vocals). “We’re a garage rock band but have access to record as we go. It’s the best blend of authentic honesty and technology I’ve ever been involved with. You’ll be hearing what’s going through our minds more often than the traditional ‘full-length/tour’ model. It’ll be out there to hear and fresh more often. That’s how we do.”