Bram Cools Releases “Old Lo-Fi Songs Written for Girls EP”

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“I promised new and old music in my last update, so here we are with a bit of both: the ‘Old Lo-Fi Songs Written for Girls‘ EP is out today on BandCamp, and it is is indeed a flashback to the music I was writing 15-20 years ago, even though some of the recordings are new.

As the title of the album insinuates it’s a collection of friendship love songs, actual romantic love songs and the occasional heartbreak song, written in my early twenties when I used the bandname ‘The Irresistible 21st century virgin boy’. While there certainly are a few experimental sounds even on this album, the main style of music is based around simple acoustic music with voice and guitar, and several of the songs were even recorded live on tape or minidisc. The others are either recently re-recorded or were old early experiments in multitrack recording. The integrity of the sound has been preserved even in the new recordings, which are done with as few effects as possible.

While some of the songs were at a certain point available on the very limited edition tapes ‘avonturen in lo-fi’ and ‘the irresistible 21st century virgin boy’, or on my myspace and noxa music page, all of these songs have been unavailable for almost 10 years now, and some of them were never available anywhere in any version.”