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 Heavy Metal\\ Heavy Metal\\
 Mississuga, Ontario, Canada Mississuga, Ontario, Canada
 +Troy Cole stated on Facebook that Aaron was named after the Aaron in the Bible: "He was an important proclaimer of God's word to Pharaoh and the other Egyptians. He fulfilled his priestly role by serving as mediator and intercessor on behalf of the people of Israel."​ Cole was the drummer for Aaron, but left to join [[Dreamer]] before the 1988 demo was recorded. He also re-purposed the lyrics of “Tell Them” for the song called “Cryin,​” on the Dreamer //Full Metal Racket// release. Aaron would also open up for the Canadian version of [[Aslan (Canada)]] once they changed names to [[Narnia]]. Troy Cole also served as drum tech and sampler tech for [[Narnia]] as well. It was [[Narnia]] that introduced [[Dreamer]] to Dan McCabe, who then became the lead singer of [[Dreamer]]. Dwayne Jackson went on to form a band called [[Forevertree]] that was more grunge in style. Ron Mellegers also joined [[Forevertree]] after they released their debut album //Turning// on Bulletproof Music. Troy Cole was also the producer for //Turning// as well.
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
-| 1988 | [[Demo]] |+| 1988 | [[https://​​2018/​07/​23/​aaron-demo/​|Demo]] | 
 +===== Demo ==== 
 +1988 Independent 
 +Dwayne Jackson – Vocals, guitar\\ 
 +Gord Longerich – Bass guitar\\ 
 +Mark Rorke – Keyboards\\ 
 +Ron Mellegers – Drums 
 +All songs by Aaron, except for the lyrics to "I Will Remain"​ and "Tell Them" by Troy Cole.  
 +  - It’s Here Again 
 +  - I Will Remain 
 +  - Tell Them