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Thrash Metal
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Metal Archives notes that “the band also released two additional demos” outside of the two listed below.


1995 Love Songs in D Minor
1996 Parables of Madness
199? (unknown demo)
199? (unknown demo)

Love Songs in D Minor

1995 Independent

Steve Bifford – Rhythm guitars, lead guitar, bass guitar, vocals and screams
Jaime Edwards – Drums
John Elliot – Lead guitars

  1. I Stand
  2. Docternal Differences
  3. Un Standable
  4. R.I.P.
  5. Sleeping Giant

Parables of Madness

1996 Independent

Steve Bifford – Vocals, rhythm guitars
Cory Griffmore – Bass guitars
Jim Galga – Lead guitars, rhythm guitars
Joe – Drums

  1. Parables of Madness
  2. Exist
  3. Soothsayer
  4. Frustrated