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Clone '81

Post Punk
United Kingdom


1982 Product of Society / Into the Recess

Product of Society / Into the Recess

1982 APL (FMR 058)

J.C. Elliot - voice tapes, short wave radio
Rowland - Drums, tin whistle, metalophone voice
Ray Blankley - bass, piano
Carol - voice

Engineer – Garry Nichols
Producer – Clone '81
Written By – Clone '81
Recorded at Adda Studios

  1. Product Of Society
  2. Into The Recess Part 1 And Part 2

“Product Of Society” - Underground christian post-punk (esp the b-side, Into the Recess) from 1982 that addresses cloning, pressure to conform in art and theology among other things. A call to evaluate whether you know why you have the beliefs you do..There is really nothing else like this out there in terms of the genre. And although I've had it since it was released, I have no idea what happened to these artists from England. Please comment if you do.

“Into The Recess” - B-side to Product of Society. This side is much longer and musically reminds me of very early Material, a bit of PIL, very post-punk in nature. That it comes from an underground christian group in England in 1982 is even more surprising. The video has text from the booklet that explains the whole thing a bit more. Finally, if you have any information on what happened to these artists, please comment.