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Crown of Thorns

Power Metal
Stafford, Virginia, USA

This was a band formed by PJ Bussey (Armageddon, Attic Symphony, Taker, The Calm). According to Screams of Abel: “Live demo out now of concert at Lincoln Memorial in DC, more concerts by year's end.” They also compared them to Overdrive. The band changed their name to Gone Fishin'.

Memebers of the band included:

PJ Bussey - Guitars
Matt McNally - Drums
Sean McNally


1992 Live in D.C.
1993 Carpeted Barn Tunes VII
1994 Troutsicle

Takes One to Know One

1992 Independent

This is a practice tape that the band sent to Doug Van Pelt of Heaven's Metal.

  1. Somewhere
  2. Shady Rest
  3. The Ransom (w/o vocals)
  4. Takes One to Know One
  5. Feels So Good
  6. Holy Lord

Live in D.C.

1992 Independent

  • Feels So Good
  • Somewhere
  • Golgotha
  • Shady Rest
  • The Ransom
  • Takes One to Know One
  • Help Me Lord

Carpeted Barn Tunes VII

1993 Independent

  1. Abdication
  2. My God
  3. The Ransom
  4. Our Love


1994 Independent

  1. Kick Me
  2. Signs
  3. Kung Fu Drive By
  4. Lost & Found
  5. Valley
  6. It Won't Happen to Me
  7. Faces
  8. Him Alone
  9. My Spirit Sings
  10. Tuesday Song