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D.B.M. (Destroyer of Black Metal)

Death Metal

Updates from Screams of Abel:

The Finnish brutal band DBM is now only a 2-piece with the departure of Manu and Jarno Lehtinen, and the remaining 2 members, Timo Juvonen and Tommy Rannanpaa, have moved from Kokkola to Turku to go to school…

DBM has a new demo out called “Decade of Decadence”

They used to be thrash, but now they've progressed! DBM has changed their style of music from brutal thrash to death metal with their new demo “Decade of Decadence” (I know, original title, no?)… they are being compared to Immolation with this new release… lead vocalist Timo Juvonen recently informed me that DBM, due to pressures from other bands in Finland, have changed their name to CATACOMB… So look for new releases from Catacomb in the near future.

The Lehtinen brothers only played on the Slayer of Evil demo and departed soon after to form Deuteronomium. The band then changed their name to Cathacomb.


1992 Slayer of Evil
1993 Bloodshed

Slayer of Evil

1992 Independent

  1. Destroyer of Black Metal
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Slayer of Evil
  4. Consequences
  5. Slowly They Rot
  6. Death of a Soul
  7. Evilness of Man


1993 Independent

  1. Bloodshed
  2. Time's End