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Punk Hardcore Crossover
Gladstone, Missouri, USA

D.O.N. (Degradation of a Nation) was a kansas City area band that shared members with Prophets on Vacation, Abhor Evil, Heirborne, Hot Pink Turtle, and Chancelus. After the band broke up, David and Phil formed DigHayZoose with Bil Brown and Jimmi Florez of Chancelus. Bil Brown had also played one show with D.O.N. after Benji Damron left.


53 of Your Favorite Disco Tunes as Performed by D.O.N. (and 9 new ones)

1990 Independent

Eric Brown – Vocals
David “Dave” G. Andersen – Guitars
Benji Damron – Bass
Phil Schlotterer – Drums

  1. What Do You Think This Is?
  2. Burning Down the House
  3. Distortion
  4. Short on Time
  5. Tear Down the Cults
  6. Cowboy Bob
  7. Satisfaction
  8. E.C.M.
  9. Death, Screaming, and Pain