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David “Burrito” Villalpando

Musician / Organization Leader
California, USA

David “Burrito” Villalpando is a long time figure in the Christian music underground. He has joined or started many bands, including G.V.A.(God's Victorious Army), Conviction of Sin, Moral Majority, The Warning, Eightball Cholos, 44evergiven, and Grace for the Fallen. He also founded and led Radicals for Christ from 1984-1988. He also founded Blood & Ink Records back in 2002 as co-owner.

As far as his nickname goes, according to Villalpando during an interview in 2000: “My real name is David. I got the nickname 'Burrito' from back when I was a kid. Being Hispanic I always took my mom's homemade burritos to school for lunch. All my friends called me 'the burrito kid,' then it dropped to just 'burrito' which has stuck with me all this time. So that is what most people know me by.”

On January 18, 2022, Burrito suddenly passed away due to complications from COVID-19 and pnemonia.


Start End Entity Description
1984 1985 G.V.A.(God's Victorious Army) Punk band
1984 1988 Radicals for Christ Organization / Ministry / Newsletter
1985 1985? Conviction of Sin Punk band
1985? 1986? Moral Majority Punk band
1986 1990 The Warning Thrash Metal band
1996 1999 44evergiven Hardcore band
1999 2000 Grace for the Fallen Hardcore band
1996 Current Eightball Cholos Death / Thrash / Sludge Metal band


1985? G.V.A. Demo
1986 The Warning Repent or Die! Radicals for Christ
1988 The Warning A Virgin in the Midst of Whores
1989 The Warning Cut the Crap!
1989 Conviction of Sin U.S. Decay (Godcore Tapes part 1) The Furnace Room
1989 Moral Majority Live (Godcore Tapes part 2) The Furnace Room
1989 Conviction of Sin Live (Godcore Tapes part 3) The Furnace Room
1990 The Warning Shattered Messiah (unreleased) Narrowpath Records
1990 The Warning Cut The Garbage! (re-issue of “Cut the Crap!”)
1996 Eightball Cholos Satan's Whore Morphine Records
1997 The Warning Decade of Frustration Strait Edge
1998 44evergiven Stand Alone
2010 Eightball Cholos Satan's Whore (re-issue) Divine Metal Distro
2020 The Warning Trilogy of Damnation Roxx Records
2020 Eightball Cholos Satan's Whore (re-issue) Roxx Records