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Dog Baby

Funk Metal
Fountain Valley, California, USA

From Jesse Nason: “Yep. Matt Bailey and I were in this band, and the youth group we were a part of had Kevin Kribs (guitarist for Outer Circle) led worship. So we were in Outer Circle too.

And yes, there was an EP called The Incredible Fart Post.

And we actually recorded a full 2nd album that probably no one has ever heard.

We toured once by hijacking the tour schedule of MxPx and Blenderhead, and putting ourselves on it. Then Matt convinced the Don't Know / Blenderhead dudes to “let him play bass for a few songs” somewhere in Tennessee. Good times for an 18 year old.

From what I remember, Matt worked at a comic book collector store. There was a dude there who imagined a fart so powerful, it could break a wooden post. Thus, the incredible fart post.“

Caleb Daniels added: “Matt Bailey played in Ninety Pound Wuss for a time as well.”


199? Demo
1995 Donut Cling Records
1996 The Incredible Fart Post That 1 Record Co.
199? (second full length)


199? Independent


1995 That1Record
(also listed as a Cling Records release in 1997)

Gary Tucker - guitar, vocals
Jesse Nixon - Drums
Matt Bailey - Bass, vocals

All lyrics by Bailey except #2 by Tucker
Produced by Matt Bailey & John Gaudesi

  1. Bring on the Ducks
  2. Scat
  3. Cannonball Run
  4. Tripe
  5. Fetus
  6. SK8
  7. Turalay
  8. Gamara
  9. Taco
  10. Speedo Man
  11. Hymen
  12. Doggie Dance
  13. Hell
  14. Whatever Floats Your Boat
  15. Time
  16. Sick

The Incredible Fart Post

1996 That 1 Record Co.

Matt Bailey – Bass, vocals
Jesse Nason – Drums, vocals
Gary Tucker – Guitar, vocals

  1. Convalescence
  2. Almost Nothing
  3. Just Friends
  4. Knee Slap
  5. Carpet

Second Full Length

199? Independent