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Lansing, Illinios, USA

From Facebook: “Jerome Mark Mikulich established his '3.1' solo music outfit in 1989 with a synthesizer, sound sampler and computer sequencer. Many people didn't know that the original group name Mikulich selected was 'QuyRaze' (Pronounced = Choir Raise). He released and distributed one song worldwide using that name. The song was entitled; 'Rapture'. It sold in the USA and Europe (Including Belgium).

The sound of 3.1 is a unique melodic blend of high-energy music electronic music including; customized drums, percussion, various themed sound bites, larger than life synthesizers and acid pitched synth-bass. Many tracks include Jerome's lead and background vocals.

3.1's debut album is entitled '31 Degrees (and two miles of fog)'. The album features ten (10) original songs written and performed by Mikulich.

3.1's sophomore release is entitled 'Spiritual Forecast' and contains (14) songs written in a NEW music style called 'Message Progressive'.”


1992 31 Degrees (and 2 Miles of Fog)
2005 Spiritual Forecast

31 Degrees (and 2 Miles of Fog)

1992 (no label)

Jerome Mikulich – Vocals, instruments, everything

  1. 31 Degrees (and 2 Miles of Fog)
  2. Let Me Be the One
  3. Wisdom
  4. Time
  5. Is This Why?
  6. David’s Dance
  7. Rules
  8. BDA “Bomb Damage Assessment”
  9. Satisfaction
  10. Take a Ride
  11. Nab Prophet
  12. Footprints
  13. Tell Me Why
  14. Heart’s Cry