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Artatak Studios

Artist Studio

According to the July 1989 issue of The Cutting Edge, Chris Yambar stated: “God spoke to me a year before The Activist's last issue (#21) and He had me open up a studio. I was always walking past this building and suddenly noticed it was up for rent. Something wouldn't let me go about it. God made a way for us to get it and we remodeled and furnished it.It's in working order now. It's like Santa's workshop. It's not open to the general public except for the display windows. We just use it to work in. My friend and partner, Gary Smith, and I are working on developing our own comic book company. We've been setting up and designing one title for the past two years and really think we've got something special. Recently we've been shopping it to several different publishers with the hope of saving ourselves all the self-publishing hassles…..

…besides the cartooning, commercial accounts, pop art painting and self-publishing, we want to help bands become more professional in their image and packaging. I give performance critiques, write bios, run press releases, handle photo shoots, help them develop a follow up program, all of it. Executive production work, goal setting, landing a product distribution. I'm sick of Christian bands who just put out anything and expect it to do something when in reality it's an accident. It's an embarrassment. We're getting it done right. This service is not for free. There's a fee that goes with it. It's very fair and we offer a payment plan to those who can't make a lump sum payment. We're there to help and we're up front about everything we do.”

Publications and Projects

  • Misfits
  • Safe Comix
  • Rebel Graphics
  • “A non-Christian free speech paper”
  • 4'x4' Batman paintings to honor his 50th birthday