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 +====== Bangupstate ======
 +Industrial Modern Rock\\
 +Chicago, Illinois, USA
 +"Bangupstate is a collaboration between vocalist Derek Cilibrasi of San Antonio, drummer Geoff Laforet of Toronto and guitarist/programmer Lyndon Perry of Chicago. We met in the 90’s when we lived near Detroit, writing and performing in the Midwest with a variety of acts. The act that cemented our chemistry was [[Leaderdogs for the Blind]], a heavy industrial act with the [[R.E.X. Music]] release, //Lemonade//
 +Years later and miles apart, we reconnected to mull the idea of a follow up to //Lemonade//. Early sketches led to a sound that was fairly removed from LDB, focusing more on Derek’s vocal capability and our interest in early 80’s British synth sounds and the big groove rock of the early 90’s. With nods to New Order, Depeche Mode, Yaz, along with Soundgarden, King’s X, and Alice in Chains, we’ve landed on a sound that is big, energetic and soulful.
 +==== Singles Released ====
 +  * Señor Jealousy (2018)
 +  * Never Let Me Down Again (2018)
 +  * Replicant (Wired All Wrong) (2018)
 +  * Right There (2019)
 +===== Links =====
 +  * [[|Bangupstate Official Website]]