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Heavy Metal
Castro Valley, California, USA

“This hard rocking trio hails from Castro Valley, CA. The band features Larry Dunbar on drums, Darren Savage on lead guitar and lead vocals, and Warren Points on bass guitar. All three featured on stage mayhem. (You'd have to see them to “believe” it!) All three have played in secular bands and all three got saved around the same time.” (White Throne No.2 pg 10, written by Kevin Crothers)


1985 Demo
1987 I'm Free
1989 Live at the Other Place (demo)


1958 Independent

4 track demo, possibly recorded live.

I'm Free

1987 Independent

Darren Savage - Throat, guitars
Warren Points - Bass, backup vocals
Larry Lee Dunbar - Drums

  1. Jesus Saves (3:24)
  2. Believer (5:26)
  3. Make Your Mind Up (2:39)
  4. The Love for You (2:53)
  5. Lost and Found (3:24)
  6. I'm Free (3:07)
  7. White Train (2:50)
  8. High on Your Love (3:50)

Live at the Other Place

1989 Independent

  1. High on Your Love
  2. Lost and Found
  3. Decree
  4. Take You Home
  5. Turn Around
  6. White Train
  7. Sign for the Lord
  8. He's Watching
  9. I'm Free
  10. Metamorphosis (The Fire Has Died)
  11. The Love for You
  12. Talking
  13. Believer