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Billy Penn's Brother

Brixton, England, United Kingdom


Coals of Fire

1988 Torn Curtain Records (RIP C 002)

Richard Nicholson – Vocals, guitar, songwriting

  1. England’s Burnin’
  2. Sad House
  3. The Wreck of the Poor Mary Rose
  4. Oh! Margarita
  5. The Great American Nightmare
  6. There is a Farm in the Yonder Blue
  7. Charismatic Man
  8. What’s Up Doc?
  9. Big Boy Now

Power Blocs / Mustard Seeds

1990 Torn Curtain Records (RIP C003)

Richard Nicholson – Vocals, acoustic guitar, high strung, mouth harp, tambourine, songwriting
Johnny Pacitto – Electric Guitar
Kirsti Reeve – Flute
Dave Markee – Electric bass, bass fiddle

  1. Who Loves You Baby?
  2. Song for Annette
  3. Oh Danny Boy
  4. To Kiss a Fool
  5. A Golden Bell is Chiming
  6. In a Daze
  7. The Ten O’Clock News
  8. O Savage Land
  9. Going Down to Jericho
  10. Death on the Installment Plan
  11. Delusions of Grandeur
  12. You’re Beautiful

Ruckus in Real Time

1992 Sticky Music

Richard Nicholson – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, mouth harp
Charlie Irvin - Lead guitars, backing vocals
Dot Reid - Piano, backing vocals
Steve Butler - Bass, backing vocals, piano on “Scream”
Eddy John - Drums, percussion

Sugar for Ma Honey - Rhythm programming on “Scream”
Northstar - Rap vocal on “Scream”

  1. When the War is Over
  2. Taxi to Treblinka
  3. Melon Moon
  4. Come Walk With Me
  5. Is Your Love in Vain?
  6. Scream (If You Want to Go)
  7. Floating
  8. Walk on Water
  9. Small Traffic (City Song)
  10. Nervous