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 Richard Nicholson – Vocals, guitar, songwriting Richard Nicholson – Vocals, guitar, songwriting
-England’s Burnin’ +  - England’s Burnin’ 
-Sad House +  ​- ​Sad House 
-The Wreck of the Poor Mary Rose +  ​- ​The Wreck of the Poor Mary Rose 
-Oh! Margarita +  ​- ​Oh! Margarita 
-The Great American Nightmare +  ​- ​The Great American Nightmare 
-There is a Farm in the Yonder Blue +  ​- ​There is a Farm in the Yonder Blue 
-Charismatic Man +  ​- ​Charismatic Man 
-What’s Up Doc? +  ​- ​What’s Up Doc? 
-Big Boy Now+  ​- ​Big Boy Now
 ------ ------