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Black Eyed Sceva

Alternative Rock
Santa Barbara, California, USA

Black Eyed Sceva was an alternative rock band based in Santa Barbara, California. Prior to 1997 the trio, consisting of Jeremy Post, Brad McCarter and Brent Nims were known as Black Eyed Sceva. Confusion over the meaning of the name and its constant mispronunciation led the band to change its moniker when drummer Erik Herzog replaced Nims prior to the release of the group's third album. They disbanded in 2000.

Influenced by artists as diverse as The Police, Rush and Uncle Tupelo, Black Eyed Sceva's music was a blend of alternative rock, grunge, and progressive rock. All of the group's albums were recorded and released under the 5 Minute Walk label and produced by Bruce Winter, an associate of Toad the Wet Sprocket.

The group's original name was a reference to the seven sons of Sceva (pronounced with a silent “c”), briefly mentioned in the Bible in Acts 19:14-16. As Black Eyed Sceva the band released two commercially unsuccessful but critically acclaimed albums, Way Before the Flood (1994) and the EP 5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis (1995). As a lyricist Post addressed provocative and intellectually challenging issues from a Christian viewpoint. Among the topics covered were premarital sex (“Mudhouse”), divorce and child abandonment (“Adrien James”), secular philosophy (“Comte's Perspective”), homosexuality and AIDS (“Handshake”), church divisions (“Ecumenical”) and post-modern Christian media hype (“Soapbox”). The song “Twain” was an unapologetic assault on Mark Twain's book Letters from the Earth.


After this, they changed their name to Model Engine.


  • Jeremy Post – guitar, vocals
  • Brad McCarter – bass, vocals
  • Brent Nims – drums


1994 Demo
1995 Way Before the Flood 5 Minute Walk
1996 5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis 5 Minute Walk

Black Eyed Sceva

1994 Independent

  1. Justified
  2. Mudhouse
  3. Twain
  4. Handshake

Way Before the Flood

1995 5 Minute Walk

  1. Justified (3:20)
  2. WBF (3:38)
  3. Mudhouse (4:59)
  4. Cleverness (5:15)
  5. Adrien James (6:19)
  6. Primrose (5:06)
  7. Happy Face (3:38)
  8. Comte's Perspective (4:28)
  9. Handshake (3:58)
  10. Confirmation Day (3:46)
  11. Nail Holes (12:59)

5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis

1996 5 Minute Walk

  1. Ryan's Driveway (4:12)
  2. Ecumenical (5:05)
  3. Twain (2:33)
  4. Soapbox (3:26)
  5. Confirmation Day (Live) (3:38)
  6. Adrien James (Live) (5:45)
  7. Nailholes (Live) (4:16)
  8. Invisible Sun (Sting cover) (4:00)