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Blank Face

Industrial Metal
Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Industrial/metal guitarist David J. Pisciotto began working as Blank Face in 1989 to respond to the commercialism rampant in '80s pop/rock. The Chicago-area police officer later became a Christian but continued to record, hoping to convert those who were as despairing as he was. Blank Face released Trinity in 1995, and is featured on R.E.X.'s Electro-Shock Therapy compilation.” (from


1995 Trinity
1996 Three Free


1995 Independent

Three Free

1996 Independent

David Pisciotto

  1. Sin Disease
  2. On The Cross
  3. Thirst

Compilation Appearance

Electro Shock Therapy (1995 R.E.X. Music)
10) Sin Disease (3:03)

Escape The Furnace - Volumes I & II (1997 Blacklight Records)
10) Sin Disease (remix) (5:03)

Positively Charged Electrons (1999 Shock Wave Music)
10) On the Cross (4:43)