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Blind Bartimaeus & The Grave Robbers

Rock/Alternative Rock
Bellaire, Ohio, USA


Soul Searching

1986 Independent

Bartimaeus (Bart De Stefano) – Lead Vocals, backing vocals, synthesizers, drums
Boyd Townsend – Lead guitar, rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Gregg Molnar – Rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Richard L. Fryer – Rhythm guitars
Denny Fitzpatrick – Bass
James Jobko – Bass
Mike Mazure – Bass
Joe Hamrock – Synthesizers
Chris Pappas – Synthesizers
Bill Shivlin – Synthesizers, drums
Tim Seidler – Drums

All songs by Bart De Stefano, except “A Rocker’s Gotta Dance” by Bart De Stefano and Gregg Molnar, and “Waiting for You” by Boyd Townsend.

  1. Love’s Got a Hold
  2. Lay It on the Line
  3. It’s for Love
  4. Returning the Favor
  5. Last Days
  6. Thank You
  7. A Rocker’s Gotta Dance
  8. Come Down
  9. Waiting for You