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Candy Keep

Emo Pop

“About six months after the release of the first Port EP Sounds…, in the Spring of 1996, CPTR joined a 4-piece indie rock group by the name of ‘Candy Keep’, serving as the bassist. Eventually the drummer left (Tyler, who was a super great guy) and it became a 3 piece with the lead guitarist (Ryan S.) moving to drums, with Mark D. remaining on guitar and vocals. A 4-track cassette EP was recorded, titled Old Friends are the Dearest. They got a 7” record deal, but the label folded before it could be released. The material for the 7” was recorded at Bandroom Recordings (Aberdeen, WA) with Brian Smith, the proprietor/engineer/producer. The material as well as a few tracks from Old Friends… was later released as the CD It’s Starting to Snow on Cuddlebot’s Recordings. Candy Keep later split up in the summer of ’98, with Mark and Ryan going on to form ‘Lands Farther East’ and then form/join some well-respected math/indie-rock acts (e.g., ‘The Rooftops’, ‘Sunset Riders’). (from


199? Old Friends are the Dearest
199? It’s Starting to Snow Cuttlebots Recordings

Old Friends are the Dearest

199? Independent

Mark D. - Guitar and vocals
CPTR - Bass
Ryan S. - Drums

  1. Touch of Wonder
  2. Taken Bye
  3. Off the Coaster Ride 2
  4. In Colour
  5. Farewell to the Shadowlands

It’s Starting to Snow

19?? Cuttlebots Recordings

Songs include:

  • Touch of Wonder
  • Off the Coast a Rica
  • Farewell to the Shadowlands