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 Alhambra, California, USA Alhambra, California, USA
-Changed name to [[Cross Communication]].+From [[Duane M. Evarts]] on Facebook: "Changes produced two projects on the HMEA label. The first was //Fall on the Rock// and as you can see by the cassette cover, this was one of our earlier projects that actually used some "stick-on" lettering from a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal! 
 +For the second project, John & Darryl Marini changed the name of the group to [[Cross Communication]] which was a clear indication of what they were always all about! This project featuring a song titled "Back in Line" that is so reminiscent of ZZ Top's style that you'd think ZZ Top got saved!"
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====