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Chris Taylor & Matt Slocum

Alternative Rock
San Antonio, Texas, USA

Chris Taylor is a solo artist, that also used to be in a band called Love Coma with Matt Slocum. Slocum went on to fame with Sixpence None the Richer. These demos were the two working together on songs before and outside of Love Coma, but some of these songs did make it on to Love Coma releases.


1991 Better Days
199? A Place to Hide Away Part 1
199? A Place to Hide Away Part 2

Better Days

1991 Independent

Chris Taylor – Lyrics, singer, guitar
Matt Slocum – Guitars
Chris Dodds – Drum Samples
Teresa Lopez – Vocals on “hole”

  1. Like a Woman
  2. Moon
  3. Who in Hell?
  4. So Cold in Here
  5. Hole
  6. Need You to Be Free
  7. What’s Behind Those Eyes…
  8. Rip.
  9. Another Sunday Morning…
  10. Summer Wind
  11. Selah 140
  12. Just a Little Bit of Me
  13. Silver…

A Place to Hide Away Part 1

199? Independent

A Place to Hide Away Part 2

199? Independent