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 Thrash Metal\\ Thrash Metal\\
 Wichita Falls, Texas, USA Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
 +"​Consecrator was formed in late 1989 by James Chavez, Ashley Lawhon, Glenn Johnson and Steve Tidwell. Up to this point they had been a secular band called Hit And Run, playing originals and cover songs. Consecrator went through two names changes before establishing its current name. First they tried Seventh Angel but found it was already taken. Then they tried Sacrament but found it had been taken too. After solving the name problem they rehearsed for about six months before hitting the local music scene. They ended up winning a local Battle of The Bands. By mid-1990 they had written and recorded their first self-titled demo with a little help from a friend named James McWilliams of the local thrash metal band Killing Speed. The first Consecrator demo was recorded in one day. But still the band received letters from all around the world about how much people liked their music and their message. In early 1991 Steve Tidwell decided to leave the band, leaving them as a one-guitar band with two-guitar material. They tried several guitar players to fill the vacant spot, but none could quite play the new material that Ash, Glenn and James were writing. Once again James McWilliams stepped in and helped them by doing several gigs. Then they recorded "Free From Death" in early 1991, and sent it to REX Records attempting to secure a record deal. REX released the song on the '​Demolition'​ compilation CD. The band received much attention from it, but no record deal. So they proceeded to record and release a second demo, entitled 'Image Of Deception',​ in late 1991. It was recorded in two days on an 8-track reel-to-reel. With James McWilliams moving to Dallas, TX to pursue his musical career, the band enlisted the help of guitarist Ray Hillner of STS (Seventy Times Seven). After playing numerous gigs, but otherwise getting nowhere, the band called it quits in late 1993. But in 2004 Bombworks Records approached the band to re-release both their demos on one CD. That ignited a spark to reunite the band, of which the members had at one time hoped to start recording new material; however, this did not pan out. Consecrator was way too good to be so obscure."​
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====
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 | 1990 | Demo | | 1990 | Demo |
 | 1992 | Image of Deception | | 1992 | Image of Deception |
 +| 2004 | Image of Deception (compilation) | [[Bombworks Records]] |
 ------ ------
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   - Sayings of the Wise (4:05)   - Sayings of the Wise (4:05)
   - Free from Death (3:25)   - Free from Death (3:25)
 +==== Image of Deception (compilation) ====
 +2004 [[Bombworks Records]] (BWR0402)
 +  - Submission (3:03)
 +  - Image of Deception (3:39)
 +  - Mindlessly Betrayed (3:16)
 +  - Vision of Ignored (3:30)
 +  - Sayings of the Wise (4:05)
 +  - Free from Death (3:25)
 +  - Make Me Laugh (4:55)
 +  - Satan Lies (4:09)
 +  - Saving Song (4:41)
 +  - Messiah Calls (4:20)
 +  - Troubled Years (4:17)
 +  - Casted (7:11)
 ------ ------