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Hard Rock
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

“Formed in the late 80's as a husband and wife team of Arlene and Eddie Baird, Conviction eventually grew into a full fledged band. Their last release “The Pain” was the only album ever released on CD, despite the fact that the band recorded several tapes and demos over their decade long existance. Eddie now performs around the country, in youth detention centers and jails, sharing the Gospel message of Jesus as a solo artist under the name Eddie B.”


1992 Death to the Flesh
1993 Are You Hiding?
1995 Ancient Outlaw
1995 I Thes 1:5
1995 Mark 16:15
1995 Shake the Hand that Shook the World
1997 The Pain

Death to the Flesh

1992 Independent

Are You Hiding?

1993 Independent

Ancient Outlaw

1995 Independent

  1. Don't Give Up
  2. Why Wait
  3. Friends
  4. The Coffee House

I Thes 1:5

1995 Independent

  1. Special Kind of Love
  2. Take Me As I Am
  3. Show Me the Way
  4. Fine Line
  5. Waiting on You
  6. Legacy

Mark 16:15

1995 Independent

Artwork by Scott Waters of Ultimatum

  1. Mark 16:15
  2. Saved by Grace
  3. Comforter
  4. Jesus is Alive

Shake the Hand that Shook the World

1995 Independent

Eddie Baird - Guitars, lead vocals
Deedra Underwood - Vocals
Mark Berub - Lead guitar
Arlene Baird - Vocals, bass
Massin Lorenzini - Drums

  1. The Outlaw
  2. Saved by Grace
  3. Invading the Light
  4. In Your Arms
  5. Coffee House
  6. Love Song
  7. Man Made
  8. Preach to a Dying World
  9. Card Board Box
  10. Boycott Hell

The Pain

1997 Independent

  1. Slow Down
  2. Unforsaken
  3. Gotta Have It
  4. The Pain